Ethicare Remedies Epiplus Lotion : Review

Hello guys,

How are you all doing? I have literally  been very busy for the past 2 days. But yeah, I completed a lot of pending work and now have loads of posts pending and so, expect a lot of reviews this month 😊

Moving on, if you remember I had reviewed Ethicare Remedies Face wash a few days back. (Read it here – Ethicare Remedies Cutishine Facewash)

If you guys remember, I had told you that I had received a complete monsoon kit from them. And I loved their facewash and cleanser the most. They are so good and so affordable. And so today, I’ll be reviewing their Epiplus Lotion which is actually a sensitive skin cleanser(plus point coz I have a super sensitive skin). At the first glance, right after reading it’s name, I actually thought that it’s a lotion, and then, it said soap free and I was like what has soap got to do with a lotion 😅. Then, I saw it says that it’s a sensitive skin cleanser. How foolish of me 😂.

Moving on let’s see what it claims

Epiplus Lotion is a soap free, Fragrance free, Non comedogenic, Hypo allergenic skin cleanser with a Balanced pH. 

Ingredients and Directions for usage : see image below

Price and Quantity : INR 180 for 100ml 

Packaging :

The cleanser comes in a white tube with a black flip top cap. The tube has a glossy finish which I quite like.It is absolutely travel friendly. The packaging, I felt is quite nice. 

My views:
I have been using this Cleanser for some time now, and this is my favourite item from the entire kit. Not that I do not like the other items ,but, this cleanser works so well. I have a combination skin type and it completely cleanses the skin. It takes away all the dirt and excess oil.The cleanser is white in colour. Also keep in mind that it won’t lather up.( so please avoid taking lots of it just because you are confused why it doesn’t lather up). It is actually very gentle on the skin and left my skin feeling absolutely clean and smooth. I love the fact it is a lotion based one and leaves your skin moisturised. I love everything about it and the fact that it is so affordable. Definitely recommended.

Ethicare Remedies Epiplus Lotion

Rating : 5/5 
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