Brihans Green Leaf Natural Products : Review

Hii guys.

If you have been following my blog for a while now, you would know that I love products that are natural. Brihans Natural Products is just that. 

I received their Green Leaf Aloe Vera Gel, Aloe Face Wash and the Foot Care Cream. It came packed in a beautiful box. 

P.S. – Pretty PR packages are everything ❤

Today, I’ll be reviewing their Aloe Face Wash and Foot Care Cream. 

Green Leaf: Aloe Face Wash

Aloe Face Wash

Let’s begin with the Aloe Face Wash. I have been using it for over two weeks now. I do have breakouts very often and that frustrates me coz it leaves behind marks. So, honestly I do everything I can to prevent them. 

Green Leaf: Aloe Face Wash

This face wash has turmeric and tea tree oil. Both of them have been known to be great cure for acne. It is also soap -free and has tiny little beads which are very gentle on the skin. It comes in a flip-top packaging and is travel friendly. 

Green Leaf: Aloe Face Wash

It is for all skin types and my skin honestly feels so great after each wash. I wash my face two times a day with it. The face wash is yellowish in color and it’s fragrance is nice too. I have used a lot of face washes and this one is something which I would repurchase as I’m loving it right now. It says that regular usage is known to reduce pimples. So, it would be great for people who have acne and are looking for a face wash. 

Ingredients and Directions – (See Image)

Price – INR 65 for 60gm

Final views – It is very affordable and the great thing is, it works great. My skin feels amazing after each wash. The tiny beads in it scrub the skin gently. It suits all skin types. It is a great buy and I would definitely recommend it to everyone. 

Rating – 5/5 

Foot Care Cream

Moving on to the next product, it is the Foot Care Cream that has Aloe Vera in it.

Honestly, I used the daily moisturiser as a foot cream and had never bothered to buy myself one. But, now that I have started using a Foot Cream, I don’t think I’ll be switching back to the normal moisturiser. 

This footcream is great for dry, chapped anf craked heels and also for a foot massage. My skin does get very dry during the winters. But my foot needs moisturiser even during the summers. 

The Green Leaf Foot Care Cream comes in a plastic container. You need a small amount to apply on your heels. It it very effective and did moisturise my dry heels very well. Not sure about cracked heels though. I don’t have cracked heels so, wouldn’t be able to tell you guys about that. But, for me it worked great for my chapped and dry feet. 

Price – INR 80 for 50 gm

Final views– It is very affordable of course. I like to scrub my feet with a foot scrub first and then after washing it off with lukewarm water, I like to apply this Foot Cream. I find its fragrance quite nicw too. It has aloe vera and Kokum Butter in it which have deep moisturising properties and hence are great for your skin. I would definitely repurchase it. Absolutely recommended.

Rating – 5/5 

I love both the products and would definitely recommend it to people who love skincare products that are natural. 

Look out for the next post where I’ll be reviewing their other product.  

You can buy their products from their website –

Or find them on Instagram – brihansnaturalproducts

Take care and I’ll see you guys again very soon. ❤❤ Till then, stay Crazily Chic 😘😘 

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