Life Update: Where Have I been?

Hey peeps!

Not really sure as to how I should begin writing this. I have been gone wayyy tooo long and coming back to my blog after over a year seems rather weird. My last post was perhaps in April 2017 and then I completely stopped writing. A lot has happened since then and I feel really bad tbh for discontinuing.

So, why did I stop? Well, I started working full-time and slowly started getting frustrated. I was working even on Saturdays and had no time for myself. My social life was negligible at this point and Sundays seemed to come to an end even before it began. I preferred sleeping the entire day on Sunday and taking time out to write my blog seemed a far-fetched reality. This makes me really sad now as blogging was something that I enjoyed.

This year around May, I decided to leave my job and focus on what I loved. I was actually contemplating as to whether or not I should even get back here on this platform. Thankfully, I have a few people who encourage me and constantly push me to work harder.

I’m glad to be back and very soon would be writing as regularly as before. I really hope you all shower me with all the love that you did before. I am looking forward to a happy journey on this platform once again.


Brihans Green Leaf Natural Products : Review

Hii guys.

If you have been following my blog for a while now, you would know that I love products that are natural. Brihans Natural Products is just that. 

I received their Green Leaf Aloe Vera Gel, Aloe Face Wash and the Foot Care Cream. It came packed in a beautiful box. 

P.S. – Pretty PR packages are everything ❤

Today, I’ll be reviewing their Aloe Face Wash and Foot Care Cream. 

Green Leaf: Aloe Face Wash

Aloe Face Wash

Let’s begin with the Aloe Face Wash. I have been using it for over two weeks now. I do have breakouts very often and that frustrates me coz it leaves behind marks. So, honestly I do everything I can to prevent them. 

Green Leaf: Aloe Face Wash

This face wash has turmeric and tea tree oil. Both of them have been known to be great cure for acne. It is also soap -free and has tiny little beads which are very gentle on the skin. It comes in a flip-top packaging and is travel friendly. 

Green Leaf: Aloe Face Wash

It is for all skin types and my skin honestly feels so great after each wash. I wash my face two times a day with it. The face wash is yellowish in color and it’s fragrance is nice too. I have used a lot of face washes and this one is something which I would repurchase as I’m loving it right now. It says that regular usage is known to reduce pimples. So, it would be great for people who have acne and are looking for a face wash. 

Ingredients and Directions – (See Image)

Price – INR 65 for 60gm

Final views – It is very affordable and the great thing is, it works great. My skin feels amazing after each wash. The tiny beads in it scrub the skin gently. It suits all skin types. It is a great buy and I would definitely recommend it to everyone. 

Rating – 5/5 

Foot Care Cream

Moving on to the next product, it is the Foot Care Cream that has Aloe Vera in it.

Honestly, I used the daily moisturiser as a foot cream and had never bothered to buy myself one. But, now that I have started using a Foot Cream, I don’t think I’ll be switching back to the normal moisturiser. 

This footcream is great for dry, chapped anf craked heels and also for a foot massage. My skin does get very dry during the winters. But my foot needs moisturiser even during the summers. 

The Green Leaf Foot Care Cream comes in a plastic container. You need a small amount to apply on your heels. It it very effective and did moisturise my dry heels very well. Not sure about cracked heels though. I don’t have cracked heels so, wouldn’t be able to tell you guys about that. But, for me it worked great for my chapped and dry feet. 

Price – INR 80 for 50 gm

Final views– It is very affordable of course. I like to scrub my feet with a foot scrub first and then after washing it off with lukewarm water, I like to apply this Foot Cream. I find its fragrance quite nicw too. It has aloe vera and Kokum Butter in it which have deep moisturising properties and hence are great for your skin. I would definitely repurchase it. Absolutely recommended.

Rating – 5/5 

I love both the products and would definitely recommend it to people who love skincare products that are natural. 

Look out for the next post where I’ll be reviewing their other product.  

You can buy their products from their website –

Or find them on Instagram – brihansnaturalproducts

Take care and I’ll see you guys again very soon. ❤❤ Till then, stay Crazily Chic 😘😘 

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Wabi Sabi| Bath Salts and Foot Cleanse Scrub Review 


How are you all doing? 

Today, I’m going to be reviewing my this month’s favourite products from Wabi Sabi. I’m currently obsessed with these. I got 3 products from them. I’ll be reviewing the Bath Salt and the Foot Scrub today. 

Let’s just take a moment first to appreciate the beautiful packaging. They came in those cylindrical cardboard case so that the bottles don’t break. I’m a sucker for pretty packaging and this one is just that. ❤

These products are the perfect gift for someone who likes hand made skin care products. Personally, I would love to receive something like this. Also the fact that these are hand made makes it even more personalised. 

About Wabi Sabi

Wabi connotes rustic simplicity and freshness. Sabi is beauty or serenity that comes with age. Wabi sabi products are hand made and home made with love. 

They are based in New Delhi.

Let’s have a look at the Foot Cleanse Scrub- Mint Dreams first. 

Wabi Sabi Foot Cleanse Scrub

 I have been using it since I received it. Honestly, I never take as much care of my feet as they deserve. But when I got this product, I was quite excited to try it out. My feet have never felt better than now. It actually makes your feet feel stress free! It helps in getting rid of the dead skin and makes your feet super smooth. Also, the bottle that the product comes in is so beautiful.

How to use it- 

Before going to bed or taking a shower rub generously in circular motion on dry feet. Concentrate on toes and heels. Wash off with warm water for the salts to soak in, wipe gently with towel. Can be used for soaking tired feet by dissolving a handful in warm water. Your feet will be stress free!

Price : INR 590

Final views on the product – 
You can see the dried mint leaves in the scrub. It leaves the skin feeling nourished and moisturised. My mom loves the scrub too. The packaging is everything ❤. It also has essential oils in it which is great for the skin. It will also make a perfect gift. I actually had a few spa days after I received all the products. I like to scrub my feer with it once a week. On days when I feel very tired, I like to soak my feet in warm water after dissolving about a handful of the salt in it. And, this bottle of the foot cleanse scrub is definitely going to last for a long time. It is a fairly big bottle with good amount of product in it. Love it!

Let’s have a look now at the other product – 

Wabi Sabi Bath Salts – The Love Affair

I love the name of the product! 

Wabi Sabi Bath Salts – The Love Affair

It has a similar packaging as the foot cleanse scrub. It has dried rose petals in it. This one is basically the kind of bath salt which will make one feel super relaxed and will make the skin super soft.

Ingredients – see image below 

How to use- 

In a bathtub full of warm water take two tablespoons and mix in it. Slowly step into the tub and lie down for at least twenty minutes for the salts to soak in! For best results dissolve in warm water before stepping in. Can also be used to soak your feet. 

Price : INR 590

Final views on the product- 

Honestly, there’s nothing more relaxing than having a warm, relaxed bath. Bath salts makes your body even more relaxed giving you the feel of having a luxurious bath. If you don’t have a bathtub, you can simply use the salt and apply it all over your body and have a warm shower. And, this has coconut oil too which will make your skin feel soft and moisturised. 

Rating – 5/5
These will make a great gift. Someone who loves handmade skincare products will love to receive these . I love it and would definitely recommend it to you all. 

Contact them here /Shop here –

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Amara Organix : Review | Moisturising Night Cream, Moisturising Under Eye Gel and Honey and Almond Soap

Happy New Year everyone!! Hope this new year brings lots of happiness for all of you.

How are you all doing? Have you been following all your new year resolutions? I didn’t make any to be honest. I always end up not following them and then regretting it. I just hope that I’m able to do what I love the most and be happy about it.

Moving on, if you guys have been following me for a while, you would know that I love organic skin care products. One such brand that I came across is Amara Organix. 

Let’s have a look about what it says about the brand. ( Information taken from their website )

About Amara Organix

Amara handcrafted bath & beauty products are formulated to create a positive and enriching experience to an individual’s mind,body and soul. We at Amara use the abundant body of knowledge left behind by our ancients in Ayurveda,Aromatherapy, Ancient Chinese texts and our very own backyard recipes to present safe,gentle and natural beauty solutions.
Beauty in actuality is more than skin deep.

The brain behind Amara Organix, Mehar, is the sweetest person. She takes care of each order personally and products are handmade once you place an order. That means that you are getting absolutely fresh products, hand made for your skin. These products contains the freshest ingredients available and are thus unique. These do not contain artificial fragrances and are absolutely natural. The great thing is these are super affordable. 

I received three products and have been using them for a while now. Let’s have a look into it one by one. 

Amara Organix

1. Amara Organix Deep Moisturising Night Cream

Amara Organix Deep Moisturising Night Cream
Amara Organix

This is my favourite product and I’m definitely obsessed with it. I have been using it for about a month now and it is honestly the best night cream that I have ever used. I have tried a lot of night creams but all of them leave my skin feeling greasy and have not really done anything in improving my skin.

Amara Organix Night Cream

But, this night cream is like the best skincare product I have ever used. It has helped in reducing my acne and has made my skin so much better. I’m having a lot of break outs recently and this night cream is for sure helping in curing it. The Night cream has Coconut oil, Olive oil, Vegetable glycerin, Vitamin e, Tamanu oil, Calendula, Frankincense and Lavender essential oils. Frankincense and Lavender are known to cure acne and acne scars and Coconut and Olive oil moisturise the skin. 
The plus point is that it gets absorbed in the skin quickly and does not make your skin oily. It is suitable for all skin types. 

Price – INR 250

Packaging – It comes in a plastic tub container and is travel friendly. 

Final Views on the product

I love the way my skin feels after I have started using this product. I will definitely be buying this again once this one gets over. But, you get so much product, I’m sure it’s gonna last for at least 2 to 3 more months for me. And the fact that it is completely natural and is handmade is like an icing on the cake. It’s a must buy product if you are looking for any night creams. 

2. Amara Organix Moisturising Under Eye Gel

Amara Organix Under Eye Gel

This under eye gel contains Aloe Vera, Coconut oil, Argan oil, Olive oil, Witch hazel, Lime essential oil, Vitamin e oil and Vegetable glycerin. You only need a small quantity of it. It helps in deep moisturising your under eye area. As soon as you apply it, you feel a cooling effect. I haven’t noticed any changes in the dark circles as honestly I don’t have very prominent ones. But, I do have puffiness when I wake up in the morning and the Under Eye Gel definitely reduces it. I have noticed a change and am quite happy about it. 

Under Eye Gel

Packaging – It comes in a plastic tub container and is travel friendly.

Price – INR 215

Final views on the product – 

It is super affordable and works really well. If you are searching for any good affordable, organic, handmade under eye cream, go for this one.

3. Honey Almond soap 

Amara Organix Honey Almond Soap

This is the prettiest soap ever. I really didn’t want to use it because it was so pretty. This soap contains Vegetable glycerin, Olive oil, Almond oil and Honey. All these are known to moisturise your skin. My skin definitely felt moisturised and soft after usage. I’m sure any kid would love bathing with it because of its design. I love it. And my skin loves it too. 

Price – INR 145
Final views on all the products – 

I’m absolutely in love with all the products. It has suited my skin really well and my skin feels a lot better already. I will definitely be buying more products from them. They have a lot of other great products as well.

Rating – 5/5 

Buy it here –

Or, visit her Facebook Page ( This is the easiest way to speak to her and buy the products )  –

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Skincare with TEENILICIOUS| Teenilicious Products Review

Hii guys,

How are you all doing? Can’t believe that Christmas is already over!! 😫  Seems as if the year just flew away. Nonetheless I’m super excited for the New Year!😄😄

Okay so today I’m reviewing some of the Fixderma’s products from their Teenilicious range. Teenilicious has specially been formulated for the teenage skin and all their products are paraben free and neither do they test on animals. Teenagers undergo a lot of changes physically. Acne, excess oil secretion or extremely dry skin are a few of the problems. Teenilicious focuses specifically on the teenage skin and has products that might just be your skin saviour. 

I had reviewed the Teenilicious Face Scrub a few days ago. Read it here Teenilicious Face Scrub’s Review

Products that I’ll be reviewing today:

1. Teenilicious Face Wash 

2. Teenilicious Hand Cream ( It smells divine)

3. Teenilicious Acne Gel

About Fixderma : ( Information taken from their website )

Fixderma India Pvt Ltdwas formed in 2006 to serve the newly emerging skin care market of India. The company focuses on manufacturing, marketing and promoting innovative

dermatology products.

Fixderma has made a mark by making qualityand result oriented products that has brought a clear difference in the skin care range present in the market.

1. Teenilicious Face Wash  ( Normal to Dry Skin) 

Teenilicious Face Wash

About the product – 

It is an effective daily face wash that helps you recover a clear, radiant even complexion. 

My views on the product – I received the sample sized product. I love it’s packaging. I had mentioned it in my earlier post too. Teenilicious has great packaging and all of it’s products have amazing fragrances. Though some people might find it’s fragrance overpowering. But I love it. It makes my skin feel super clean and fresh.

Price – INR 210 for 60 gm

2. Teenilicious Acne Gel– 

Teenilicious Acne Gel

About the product

The Fixderma Teenilicious Acne Face Gel deep clears pores, absorbs excess oil and improves the texture and tone of skin. 

Teenilicious Acne Gel

My views on the product – 
Before I begin to tell you how I feel about the product, one should remember that this is an acne gel and it works different for different people. 

Moving on, this product worked absolutely fine for me and has definitely helped my skin in a great way. The acne has definitely reduced. I apply it at night after I have applied my night cream and then let it work overnight. Then, I wash off my face in the morning. 

Price – INR 210 

3. Teenilicious Hand Cream ( Moist and Mellow )

Teenilicious Hand Cream

About the product – 

It helps soften and protect hands with light, juicy moisture. The instantly absorbing formula is ideal for on-the-go hydration. Non-greasy moisture wonderfully light cream is formulated with Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Pomegranate & Vanilla Ext. .

My views on the product

This is my favourite product of all. My hands get extremely dry during the winters. And as the winters are here, this is the best thing ever. My hands not only feel soft, they smell great too. My hands no longer feel dry. It isn’t greasy or anything. It is everything that it claims to be and actually gets instantly absorbed in the skin. I love it. It’s a must have product for people who have dry hands. Oh, the packaging is lovely too. It is colorful and vibrant which I absolutely love.

Price – INR 210 for 60 gms.

Final view on the products – 

I absolutely love all the products especially the hand cream. I love the fact that the brand specifically focuses on teenage skin. They have a lot of great products. I would definitely recommend it to all you teenagers out there. 

Shop their products here –

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Fixederma’s Teenilicious Face Scrub : Review 

Hii guys,

Hope you all are doing well.

So, a few days back I received some products from Fixederma and I have been using them for a while now.

Fixedermateen Products (Fixederma Teenilicious Face Scrub)

Today I’m going to be reviewing one of the product that I received. It’s the Teenilicious Face Scrub in Plush Pomegranate. Before I begin, number one – I love it’s packaging and number two – I love, love, love it’s fragrance.

I’ll be reviewing the other products soon.
About Fixderma : ( Information taken from their website)

Fixderma India Pvt Ltdwas formed in 2006 to serve the newly emerging skin care market of India. The company focuses on manufacturing, marketing and promoting innovative

dermatology products.

Fixderma has made a mark by making qualityand result oriented products that has brought a clear difference in the skin care range present in the market.

Teenilicious has specially been formulated for the teenage skin and is absolutely paraben and cruelty free. And, their products are very affordable. 

The Teenilicious plush Pomegranate Face Scrub is enriched with Vitamin E Almond & Pomegranate Ext. 

Fixederma Teenilicious Face scrub

What the product claims :

Fixderma Teenilicious Face Scrub removes impurities efficiently and gently polishes skin. Protects skin’s moisture balance with a blend of beneficial essential oils. Gently and effectively remove dead skin leaving your face sparkling fresh, pure and deep cleanses, thus unclogging your pores.

Packaging :

Let’s just take a moment and admire the beautiful packaging. I’m a sucker for bright, pretty packaging and this one is just that. I love the container in which comes the scrub because of that golden colour. I feel pretty packaging adds to how we feel about the product. I mean sometimes it’s also because of the attractiveness of the product that you might want to try it. And, it is definitely one of those. Also, the container is very travel friendly as the lid shuts tightly. 

Teenilicious Plush Pomegranate Face Scrub

Price : INR 375
How to use : Apply in a circular motion on the face and neck. Wipe off with a moist cotton pad or rinse with water and pat dry.

My views on the product :

The scrub is a very beautiful light pinkish kinda color and has small red particles in it. 

It is very gentle on the skin and works perfectly well. Also, it leaves the skin feeling clean, fresh and hydrated unlike a few others which leave the skin dry. I would say that it is definitely what it claims. Also, it smells delicious. In fact, every product from their range smells amazing. This scrub cleans the face really well and my face did feel sparkling fresh after using it. It is very affordable. In fact, every product from Fixderma is very affordable. 

I like to use it twice or thrice a week. All in all a really great product and I would recommend it to everyone. 

Also, more reviews on the other products from Fixderma will be coming up super soon.

Rating – 5/5

Shop the Teenilicious Face Scrub here –

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Candy Fix Subscription Box : Review

Hello people,

How are you all doing? I have been super busy lately. Also, I have a some very interesting blog posts lined up for you guys.

Moving on to today’s blog post. Today I’m reviewing the Candy Fix Box which is India’s first Candy Subscription Box. I mean, come on we Indians love our sweets. So why not have a subscription box which is going to deliver some amazing candies every month at your doorstep. 

About Candy Fix

Do you love candies ?
Do you get the munchies for them ?
Do you crave for a different taste ?
If yes,then you will love this.
Welcome to Candy Fix
A subscription box containing an assortment of delicious, tempting and mouth watering candies.
We are candy aficionados and we aim to seek them out and put them in your hands. Here is a chance to feast on colors and flavors inside your box ,door delivered every month.

I love candies and can legit have them at any time. So, you can obviously guess how happy I was when I received the box. It has a pretty basic packaging but I totally love it. 

Candy Fix Subscription Box

On opening the box you would see a lot of papers. It tells you about all the candies that are in the box.

Candy Fix November Subscription Box

( This tells you about all the candies that you get in here) 

And then in there lies lots and lots of candies. I was so confused as to which one should I have first. 

Inside of the Box

I loved the way they have packed it. You get to try a lot of candies. There is this candy called Atomic Fire Ball which is legit the hottest thing I have eaten. I do not generally eat very spicy things. So, if you are someone like me , chances are less that you are going to like this one. Other than that, there’s Zour Bomb which is the sourest candy. And, there’s this Chilli covered Mango Flavoured Lollipop which is amazing. I like the Sour Power Belts as well. And, then there’s the classic Indian Lacto King which every Indian must have had atleast once in their lifetime. There are other candies in there as well like the Washburn Dad’s Root Beer Barrels, Tiffany’s Fruitees and Ela. 

Price : INR 999 per box.

They have different plans which you can choose from- the 1 month plan, 3 month plan and 6 month plan. The price of each box reduces if you choose a 3 month or 6 month plan.

Final Thoughts – According to me the price is definitely a bit high considering all the candies that were in there. But,of course they do import candies from different places and hence the price . If you are someone who loves candies or you want to gift it to someone who loves candies, I would definitely recommend it as you are getting to taste different kinds of candies from all over the world packed beautifully in a box and being delivered at your doorstep.

Rating – 4/5 ( I would have rated them 5/5 if the price would have been a bit more affordable) 

Also, I have a discount code for you all which can be used on any subscription plan on using the code you will get 10% off on the box .

Here’s the code- thecrazychicrashmi_cf10

Get your Candy Fix at –

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Qtrove Website Haul and Review

Hello people.

How are you all doing? I know I haven’t uploaded in a while. I was unwell and then had gone for a short trip. But, I’m going to be posting regularly now. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I had bought 2 items from a website named Qtrove ( Hint for you to go and follow me on Instagram if you don’t already 😅) . 

Qtrove is a website which has a very good collection of handmade natural products ranging from freshly baked things to skincare products. They also have accessories and home decor things. If you are a big fan of natural skincare products or want some fresh bread or nice handmade chocolates, this is the place to look for. 

I bought a cupcake cookie jar and Orange peel powder. 

About Qtrove :

All curation grows until it requires search. All search grows until it requires curation.” – Benedict Evans

Ever noticed how crowded e-commerce marketplaces get? Everyone and their neighbor is looking to sell the same products. For you, it means the same product being fulfilled by 50 different vendors with a price difference of +/-5%. For a vendor, it means having to lower the prices just to stay ahead of the curve. Heck, It needn’t be this way.

Enter Qtrove (Curated Trove) which brings you curated products from handpicked vendors.

At Qtrove, we believe that YOU are unique and so should be the products you buy.The experience of shopping and selling should be delightful and joyous and our aim is to release you from the “tyranny of choice”. 

We have decided to handpick only the best/unique products from the choicest of vendors across the world for that curated and a personalised experience. For a change, let a marketplace be about the quality of products it sells rather than the range.

Drumroll please, It’s time to strut down the marketplace ramp.

Let’s see what all Qtrove has to offer

 I really wanted to buy something from the food and beverage section like some homebaked things like cookies or brownie but they don’t ship to where I stay 😭. 

Moving on, the website is very user friendly and very attractive. And, the shipping process is very fast. Though, you will get different packages for different products because each one of them is coming from that particular seller. 

All in all a great website which has a very great concept. They involve the local sellers in it and that makes it really nice. Definitely recommended. 

Rating – 4/5 ( I wish I could order those brownies ) 

Buy the cupcake cookie  jar here –

I have a discount code too for you all : 

QTRASHMI20: This code  gives 20% on a minimum order value of Rs 200. This code is valid till Oct end. Go ahead and shop.

Shop here-

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Island kiss Lip Moisturisers : Review 

​Hello people.

Today I’m going to be reviewing the Island Kiss Lip Moisturisers. It’s a brand based in India and has 3 variants of lip moisturizers and each one of them is amazing. If you guys have read my earlier posts you would know that I’m pretty much obsessed with lip balms. I literally have it in every bag of mine and probably in every room. So, you can imagine my happiness by seeing such beautifully packed lip balms. I’m sure one would definitely fall in love with the packaging. It would definitely remind one of the packaging of The Balm. And, the fragrance is amazing. It smells fresh and fruity.

Island Kiss Lip Moisturisers

Price :

Alma Vanilla & Inges Lavender- INR 399 for 14 gms

Cherry Blossom Flores– INR 399 for 14 gms

Puerto Berry Blush– INR 499 for 14 gms 

About Island Kiss :
What happens when you mix three of the richest, most nutirent, butters available in this exotic universe? A rich potion meant for the goddesses is created, it is stuck askance in the sand on a beach in the far of land. One can even see and feel the texture of the oil, the degree of its transparency, grains of sand mixed with drips of oil scenting the air from the flanks of the bottle then further away, waves licking the sand, Lips stoked in the sun, the sound of waves, you’ll go back to the island with all its recreated-noises and atmosphere. The research and development process from which our formulas are born is different than that of other beauty companies. We do not start out with a limited budget, such as x cents per ingredient. Instead, we start with a problem that needs a solution and we search out the very best natural ingredients available that will yield the most dramatic results. 

The Island Kiss was launched by Shaili and Siddhartha in 2015 and since then they moved to Goa. They are inspired by the Islands of the world and all that nature has to offer us.

About Alma Vanilla & Inges Lavender – (Birth Suit Nude)

The heartwarming, luxurious pairing of vanilla and lavender aims to intoxicate your senses, relax your lips and calm your mind, conjuring an atmosphere of island excess and feverish soothing. Its organic SPF nourishment enhances lip soaking in the sun while you are carried far away by the scent of warm vanilla sugar.


About Puerto Berry Blush – ( Berry Cheeky Tint )

Imagine sitting by the pool and eating lemon-strawberry sorbet. Your lips are tart, a bit stained – if you apply it several times – and fresh as if you’ve brushed your cheeks against a shrub. It is zippy, flirty and will satisfy lovers of colour.

About Cherry Blossom Flores – (Bunny Pink Tint)

Creamy like cherry petals and dewy like water droplets on the first blossoms of the orchard, the floral facet of cherry blossoms creates a luxurious, sensuous, composition of soft pink island lips. Its organic SPF nourishment enhances lip soaking in the sun and snow.

Usage Instructions

Squeeze with love and caress on to lips until they soften. Enjoy baking in the sun. Feel free to lick your lips and savour the taste of your Island Kiss.

My views on the Lip Moisturisers

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the packaging ? Each and everything is just so perfect. It has 100% sassy written over it. You see, I love sass 😅. Each box has the product description written on it. Inside the cardboard box are the tubes which is very colorful and vibrant and definitely attracts you to it. My favorite is the Puerto Berry Blush. It has a very beautiful red tint which I love. It is the darkest amongst all the 3 lip balms and can be used as a cheek tint too. One might skip their lipstick when using Puerto Berry Blush because this one is enough to give a really nice red color to your lips. Perfect for people who love tinted lip balms.

Alma Vanilla & Inges Lavender is a clear lip moisturizer and is perfect for those who do not like tinted lip balms. It is perfect for night time when one would want just to moisturize their lips. It does seem a bit purple in the swatch but doesn’t really show up on the lips.

Swatches of Island Kiss Lip Moisturisers

Cherry Blossom Flores is a light pink kinda shade and would suit fair to medium skin beauties. It is a gorgeous nude colour which is perfect for an everyday college or office kinda look.

The lip moisturisers come in a tube with a slanted tip which makes application super easy.

What I like about these is the fact that they are 100% natural and are petroleum free. They are cruelty-free as well and do not test on animals. And they also have SPF 15. These lip moisturizers contain natural products like tropical mango & Avocado Butter, Organic Beeswax, Pure Castor Oil, Vitamin E oil, Essential oil, and all other natural stuff. It has lots of butter and oils and thus is glossy on application. It moisturizes and hydrates the lips and makes them soft and supple. It definitely is worth the money.

Rating – 5/5

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