Fuschia by Vkare’s Green Tea Face and Body Scrub : Review

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How are you all doing? It’s been a very busy week for me. Busy weekends too, pheww πŸ˜….

Moving on, if you guys remember, I had reviewed Fuschia’s Cherry Red Lip Balm a few days ago ( Read it here- Fuschia by Vkare’s Cherry Red lip Balm : Review)  and, I’m back with another review today from the same brand. Fuschia is a brand which makes handmade natural products which are absolutely chemical free and which is suitable for all skin types. 

Today, I’m reviewing its Green Tea Face & Body Scrub. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I loved its packaging. Look at how cute that little container is. I love it.

Fuschia by Vkare’s Green Tea Face & Body Scrub

Before I tell you how much I love this scrub , let me tell you about some of the benefits of green tea for your skin. People drink green tea as it is healthy, but what many people don’t know is the goodness of green tea when used as a part of skin care regime. Green tea is known to improve skin complexion and makes the skin healthy. It helps to flush out the toxins and heals blemishes and scars. It also helps in fighting acne causing bacteria thus preventing acne.These are just some of the benefits of green tea. Imagine applying a green tea scrub now. Imagine all the goodness that you are providing to your skin and moreover it is an absolutely natural product. Your skin will love it. 😁

Let’s see what the product claims: (The description wasn’t present on the product. I have gained this information from the brand’s website)

Enriched with catechins, this Green Tea scrub controls acne breakouts.This scrub not only tones and soothes your skin but also delays fine signs of ageing.

Free of SLS, parabens, phthalates, artificial tints &
synthetic  perfumes.

Directions for use: Apply the scrub to moist skin and rub

it in a circular fashion. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Price and Quantity : INR 400 for 100gms

Ingredients : Aloe vera, Olive oil, Wheat germ oil, Green Tea. 

Packaging :

The product comes packed in a transparent container which is absolutely cute. It has a screw cap. It is travel friendly. I love Fuschia’s packaging. A big thumbs up there πŸ‘. 

Though not quite sure as to why they don’t put the price and directions of usage on the product. They have the ingredients list mentioned on it but no price. 

My views on the product :

I use this scrub twice or thrice a week, and it definitely soothes my skin. My skin feels softer. The scrub isn’t harsh and is thus perfect for the body as well as the face. The texture is quite creamy and leaves the face moisturised after each usage. The aroma is wonderful. Right after opening its lid, you can smell green tea which is very refreshing. The fragrance lingers on after washing, but, isn’t too dominating. It’s a wonderful one.  The scrub is greenish in color and has some small granules. I have a combination skin type and it suits me very well, so in my opinion it is going to suit all skin types. It cleanses my skin perfectly. Definitely recommend πŸ‘

Though I would want the brand to have the price and shelf life mentioned on the product. All in all a great product. If you are looking for a scrub that cleanses and leaves your skin moisturised, give this a try. 

You can buy the product from their website- http://www.vkarebiosciences.com
Find Fuschia by Vkare on Instagram – Fuschiavkare

Rating – 4.5/5 

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