Candy Fix Subscription Box : Review

Hello people,

How are you all doing? I have been super busy lately. Also, I have a some very interesting blog posts lined up for you guys.

Moving on to today’s blog post. Today I’m reviewing the Candy Fix Box which is India’s first Candy Subscription Box. I mean, come on we Indians love our sweets. So why not have a subscription box which is going to deliver some amazing candies every month at your doorstep. 

About Candy Fix

Do you love candies ?
Do you get the munchies for them ?
Do you crave for a different taste ?
If yes,then you will love this.
Welcome to Candy Fix
A subscription box containing an assortment of delicious, tempting and mouth watering candies.
We are candy aficionados and we aim to seek them out and put them in your hands. Here is a chance to feast on colors and flavors inside your box ,door delivered every month.

I love candies and can legit have them at any time. So, you can obviously guess how happy I was when I received the box. It has a pretty basic packaging but I totally love it. 

Candy Fix Subscription Box

On opening the box you would see a lot of papers. It tells you about all the candies that are in the box.

Candy Fix November Subscription Box

( This tells you about all the candies that you get in here) 

And then in there lies lots and lots of candies. I was so confused as to which one should I have first. 

Inside of the Box

I loved the way they have packed it. You get to try a lot of candies. There is this candy called Atomic Fire Ball which is legit the hottest thing I have eaten. I do not generally eat very spicy things. So, if you are someone like me , chances are less that you are going to like this one. Other than that, there’s Zour Bomb which is the sourest candy. And, there’s this Chilli covered Mango Flavoured Lollipop which is amazing. I like the Sour Power Belts as well. And, then there’s the classic Indian Lacto King which every Indian must have had atleast once in their lifetime. There are other candies in there as well like the Washburn Dad’s Root Beer Barrels, Tiffany’s Fruitees and Ela. 

Price : INR 999 per box.

They have different plans which you can choose from- the 1 month plan, 3 month plan and 6 month plan. The price of each box reduces if you choose a 3 month or 6 month plan.

Final Thoughts – According to me the price is definitely a bit high considering all the candies that were in there. But,of course they do import candies from different places and hence the price . If you are someone who loves candies or you want to gift it to someone who loves candies, I would definitely recommend it as you are getting to taste different kinds of candies from all over the world packed beautifully in a box and being delivered at your doorstep.

Rating – 4/5 ( I would have rated them 5/5 if the price would have been a bit more affordable) 

Also, I have a discount code for you all which can be used on any subscription plan on using the code you will get 10% off on the box .

Here’s the code- thecrazychicrashmi_cf10

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