Qtrove Website Haul and Review

Hello people.

How are you all doing? I know I haven’t uploaded in a while. I was unwell and then had gone for a short trip. But, I’m going to be posting regularly now. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I had bought 2 items from a website named Qtrove ( Hint for you to go and follow me on Instagram if you don’t already 😅) . 

Qtrove is a website which has a very good collection of handmade natural products ranging from freshly baked things to skincare products. They also have accessories and home decor things. If you are a big fan of natural skincare products or want some fresh bread or nice handmade chocolates, this is the place to look for. 

I bought a cupcake cookie jar and Orange peel powder. 

About Qtrove :

All curation grows until it requires search. All search grows until it requires curation.” – Benedict Evans

Ever noticed how crowded e-commerce marketplaces get? Everyone and their neighbor is looking to sell the same products. For you, it means the same product being fulfilled by 50 different vendors with a price difference of +/-5%. For a vendor, it means having to lower the prices just to stay ahead of the curve. Heck, It needn’t be this way.

Enter Qtrove (Curated Trove) which brings you curated products from handpicked vendors.

At Qtrove, we believe that YOU are unique and so should be the products you buy.The experience of shopping and selling should be delightful and joyous and our aim is to release you from the “tyranny of choice”. 

We have decided to handpick only the best/unique products from the choicest of vendors across the world for that curated and a personalised experience. For a change, let a marketplace be about the quality of products it sells rather than the range.

Drumroll please, It’s time to strut down the marketplace ramp.

Let’s see what all Qtrove has to offer

 I really wanted to buy something from the food and beverage section like some homebaked things like cookies or brownie but they don’t ship to where I stay 😭. 

Moving on, the website is very user friendly and very attractive. And, the shipping process is very fast. Though, you will get different packages for different products because each one of them is coming from that particular seller. 

All in all a great website which has a very great concept. They involve the local sellers in it and that makes it really nice. Definitely recommended. 

Rating – 4/5 ( I wish I could order those brownies ) 

Buy the cupcake cookie  jar here – https://www.qtrove.com/products/cup-cake-cookie-jar

I have a discount code too for you all : 

QTRASHMI20: This code  gives 20% on a minimum order value of Rs 200. This code is valid till Oct end. Go ahead and shop.

Shop here- www.qtrove.com

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