Handmade Hope | Review

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So, recently I came across this Instagarm page called Handmade Hope India which had some very beautiful notebooks and handbags. I clicked on their website to see what all stuff they have. Now, what I came to know was that  Handmade Hope provides livelihood opportunities to the economically underprivileged individuals.They also make paper bags of different kinds with handmade and recycled papers. Along with that they have collaborations with other NGOs who’s products they sell online.

Such great work! I was truly impressed with their good work. 

Handmade Hope India

(How adorable is that notebook and that paper bag 😍) 

About Handmade Hope– 

Handmade Hope is a channel through which self sustainable opportunities flow and form positive spaces for people who are economically underprivileged to create self organizing ecosystems for themselves in order to grow and flourish; it is a co creative process to learn, sustain and thrive.

In the process of community building, we come across as many individuals and organizations who are highly skilled craftsmen at creating artistic souvenirs. 

We give them a platform by acting as a connecting link between them and the market. Increasing their sales and helping them achieve self sustainability. 

Handmade Hope is a platform for self sustainable employment generation. 

They have a lot of items on their website. 

These people make bags and notebooks with handmade and recycled papers. These paper bags come in various sizes as well. So, they are doing their bit for the environment too. The paper bags on their website are so cute and are perfect for gifting. 

They also have fabric bags where in you can find large tote bags to small clutches. The bags have such pretty designs on them that I instantly wanted to buy 1 or 2 of them. All of the small clutches are made with jute which is environment friendly.  Also, many of the products have an option of free shipping which is great. 

I could actually go on and on appreciating their products. From bags to notebooks to gadget sleeves, I love them all and I’m sure you guys would love it too. Handmade Hope not only provides livelihood opportunities to the underprivileged,  but also does their bit in saving the environment by using environment friendly products. 

And, you can buy some stuff and do your bit in bringing a smile to someone’s face and helping them in leading a happier life.

Also, you can use my Code ‘THECRAZYCHIC’ to get INR 25 off on your purchase till 20th September. 

You can buy the things from their website : http://www.handmadehope.in/

Also check out their Instagarm page here- Handmade Hope

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