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If you guys follow me on Instagram, you might know that I had received 2 products from Juicy Chemistry to try. It’s been a while that I have been using the products and let me tell you, I’m obsessed with them. Reason : The fragrance. I’m in love with the fragrance of both the products – The Argan & Rose Day Serum and Rose, Saffron and French Pink Clay (Face & Body Polish) . I had expected them to have a good fragrance because both of them contain rose but, it was something way above my expectations. And, I’m not even exaggerating when I say that. Though it’s not just the fragrance,  the products actually work very well. Read on to know more.

Juicy Chemistry: Argan & Rose Day Serum and Saffron & French Pink Clay (Face & Body Polish)

One would truly be delighted with the packaging and then after opening the tub or the bottle, with the fragrance. And did I tell you that these are 100% natural handmade products?? Also they do not test on animals. Two big thumbs up there 👍👍. Their products contain all the goodness of nature. 

 Juicy Chemistry was founded by husband – wife duo, Pritesh & Megha in the year 2014. They are based out of Coimbatore, India.

Let’s see what the brand claims:

At Juicy Chemistry, we believe shopping for personal care products for you and your family should be both delightful & holistic. Personal care should not just be a sweet smelling experience, but should create the perfect harmony between the body, mind and spirit.

By drawing inspiration from nature, and understanding the power of its rich flora, we help create the perfect chemistry between you & nature. Our unique formulations are designed in house and every ingredient earns its place to achieve a specific result. We carefully mix our ingredients in precise quantities and make our products in small-batches to ensure maximum effective shelf-life. Each product is handcrafted with the finest local produce and organic essential oils, to make your Juicy Chemistry experience a sheer indulgence!

1. Argan & Rose Day Serum:

To be honest, I had expected it to make my skin oily but, to my surprise it didn’t make my skin oily and in fact it added that natural glow which I absolutely love. 

Product Description :

Our luxurious day serum is made with oils containing natural SPF. Red Raspberry Seed oil and Carrot Seed oil work as natural umbrellas to protect our skin from both UVA and UVB rays. We combine this with the goodness of saffron & rose essential oil. All of these work together to protect, moisturise and prevent sun damage.


Argan Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Geranium Essential Oil, Rose Essential Oil, Jasmine Essential Oil, Saffron Infused Almond Oil, Carrotseed Oil, Virgin Red Raspberry Seed Oil.

Price: INR 350 for 8 ml
Usage: Take 3-5 drops in your palm and gently massage into your face. Let it absorb. Apply 15minutes prior to stepping out in the sun.

Packaging :

The product comes in a glass bottle with a dropper cap and I feel that it is a very convenient way to use the product.

( While attempting to click a picture, I accidentally dropped a drop of the serum on the label. I’m so careless 😓 urgghh..)

My views on the product: 

Argan oil and Rose essential oil are very good for the skin. Rose Essential Oil soothes the skin and Argan Oil deeply moisturises the skin. This serum also has natural SPF ( What else do we need more? 😅) I use only about 2-3 drops of it and that gives a very nice glow to my skin. I absolutely love it. I have started using it in place of my sunscreen and I feel it works really great. Also, it has a very nice fragrance which is very soothing I feel. Definitely recommended.

Rating – 5/5

Buy the product here- http://juicychemistry.com/product/argan-rose-day-serum-30ml/

2. Rose, Saffron & French Pink Clay  Face and Body Polish – ( For normal to combination skin )

Product Description :

Feel like Cleopatra with this gorgeous blend of luxurious Kashmiri saffron and heady rose. French pink clay removes toxins, excess oil and dirt from the surface of the skin, while geranium acts as a gentle astringent. Saffron is the star anti-oxidant leaving your skin with the perfect glow. Calming rose soothes and nourishes the skin. Feeling queen-like yet?

Juicy Chemistry: Rose, Saffron & French Pink Clay Face and Body Polish

(How adorable is that spatula? I love it so much😅) 

Ingredients : Organic White Sugar, Organic Demerara Sugar, Organic Cane Sugar, Himalayan Rock Salt, Saffron Infused Almond Oil,Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin-E), Vitus vinifera (Grapeseed Oil),Pelargonium graveolens(Geranium Essential Oil), Rosa (Rose), Indian Rose Oil (Rose Essential Oil), French Pink Clay, Kashmiri Saffron.

Price : INR 350 for 35 gms 

UsageUse our wee spoon and scoop a little product into a clean bowl. Mix it with a few drops of water or milk. Spread the resulting mixture on your face in circular motions for a couple of minutes and wash clean. Use only once or twice a week!

Packaging :

The product comes in a transparent plastic container with a screw lid. I love the adorably simple and yet cute packaging. The body polish also comes with a wooden spatula which is very cute as well.

French Pink Clay is a natural ingredient that is extremely mild, therefore well-suited for sensitive skin. Saffron is a wonderful skin-brightener, astringent, and acts as a toner. Apart from smelling gorgeous, rose essential oil also has astringent and healing properties. It soothes skin, making it great for sensitive, damaged skin.

My views on the product:
If you zoom into the picture, you can actually see strands of saffron in it. It smells so delightful. I mix this with a few drops of milk and then gently massage on my face. It takes off all the impurities and excess oil from the skin and leaves the skin looking fresh and soft. I use this about twice or thrice a week and I love it. The fragrance would make you feel as if you just had a relaxing facial. It indeed is very soothing. The product is very gentle on the skin. Definitely recommended. 

Rating– 5/5 

Buy the scrub here –  http://juicychemistry.com/product/saffrose-skin-polish/

Buy other products from Juicy Chemistry here – http://juicychemistry.com/

They ship all over India and internationally as well. The products are available on Amazon as well. 

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