BeanStalk & Leaves Coffee : Review

Hello people.

How are you all doing? 

Now as you must have guessed by the title, this post is a review on one of the brands of coffee that I’m currently obsessed with.

I remember it was my 1st year’s final exam and I used to stay up quite late to study and then wake up early in the morning to study again. This hectic schedule led me to drinking coffee to keep myself up. I used to have coffee to get rid of the hammering headache and now I’m addicted. I need to have a cup of coffee everyday now. Coffee addict here 😋

When I got to know about this brand of coffee, I was very interested and they were kind enough to send it to me. Imagine my happiness when I received it. I find the aroma of the coffee as very therapeutic. Drinking coffee is the favourite time of my morning or evening. I don’t understand how can some people not like coffee 😅

Beanstalk and leaves actually have 3 variants of coffee and each one is worth trying. My favourite has to be the Smooth Operator and Velvet Dew. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like Shotgun or something like that. It’s just that I prefer those 2 above Shotgun.

You need to have a coffee filter for this coffee. Even a dabba filter works.

Beanstalk & Leaves Coffee

Let’s see what they have to say about their coffee.( I love how they have presented  themselves on their website ) –
Two hot shots on a run to take over the world!

And for that we needed lots of coffee (and Tea) but there was a problem. We didn’t know where the coffee was coming from and so our first mission was to look for the source, and so we headed into the jungle, looking for coffee plants whilst fighting tigers. Yes fighting tigers ! After months of fighting it out, we finally came upon something called a ‘coffee estate’.
The people who were running these ‘estates’ were really nice and the coffee they offered us was exquisite. After a lot of thinking and a change of heart, we decided instead to get into e-commerce and deliver to the world this elixir of goodness.

Let’s see each coffee’s description and my views on it. 

Smooth operator 


– Evening Blend

– Contains Arabica and Robusta

Contains Chicory

Iron out the creases. Let the aroma take away the pressures of your day and all the while also indulging yourself in flavors known to excite the senses in the most pleasurable way.

My views on it- The decoction of this one is very strong and that’s what I love about this coffee. It completely wakes me up. The aroma is so strong that I’m always tempted to stopthe filtering process in the midst and have a cup of it immediately.


Price and Quantity- INR295.00 for 250g

Velvet Dew


morning Blend 

contains Arabica and Robusta

contains Chicory

Wake those senses up with a smooth sense of flavour. It’s our special blend to make those mornings perfect, a moment very special or complete an uplifting feeling.

My views on it- This decoction of Velvet Dew is also strong and has an amzing aroma.

Price and Quantity INR 355 for 250g




Afternoon Blend

– Contains Arabica and Robusta

The Perfect Energiser. Perfect to beat the after food coma. Gives you the jolt of the gods. Brings you back to reality faster than you can say wtf and gets you going.

My views on it- The decoction of this one isn’t really very strong and hence as the product claims, is perfect for afternoon. Recommended for people who do not like very strong coffee.

Price and Quantity: INR 335 for 250g

Packaging :

As you can see in the pictures, the product comes packed in a black resealable packet which I really like as I find it really convenient. I would give a 5 on 5 to the packaging. 

Definitely recommend to all you coffee lovers out there. You should definitely give this a try. It is filter coffee at its best. 

Rating – 5/5

You can buy the coffee from their website –

Or from Amazon- Beanstalk & Leaves

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