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Hello people,
How are you all? I’m literally so tired as I’m typing this article. It has been such a busy day.
Coming to today’s post,i was recently searching for some nice dress,but, to be honest,I’m just a student and can’t really afford to buy a dress from Zara or Forever 21 everytime. So what happened was,I happened to come across this website where you can buy and sell pre loved fashion. I absolutely love that concept. Everyone of us has probably some clothes which you are no longer going to wear. So what you can do is basically sell your clothes on the website,earn some money and go shopping again. Or you can go on and buy something from there. It was really nice of them to send me this really pretty Forever21 White skater dress. It’s so pretty. It doesn’t feel like it’s pre owned. It absolutely feels like a new one.

About the website :
Once Again Store is built around the concept that you should never have to wear the same outfit twice. We believe that each day is a page in the chapter of your life and each outfit you wear has a story to tell. After finishing their part in your lives, your clothes deserve to go to a new home.

We want to make branded fashion available to our buyers at good prices and we want to help our sellers make space for new memories.

We make selling easy- just list you item and wait for it to sell! We handle logistics and payments. Your clothes reach new homes and you get paid!
Once Again lets clothing be sold, bought and loved again.

Isn’t that cool? I absolutely love this concept. Also when you buy secondhand, you are assured of great quality and style. Their collection is curated and items are reviewed before they approve them. Also Free shipping and COD is available. Easy returns as well .

They have curated collections like best under 599, brunch, luxury, wedding etc and also their Android app is launching next week which is really cool.


Isn't this dress so pretty? I love it so much 😍

You can have a look at all the brands which you can find on their website- http://www.onceagainstore.com/brands

You can find them on Instagram too. I’ll just leave a link here- Once Again Store
Or you can browse through their website here- http://www.onceagainstore.com/

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