Neesh Perfumes: Review

Hello people,
How are you all? It has been raining here and the weather has been so good. It’s such a relief after those hot unbearable days.
Coming to today’s post, I’m going to be reviewing Neesh Perfumes today. Neesh Perfumes ensures the use of natural and fresh ingredients and has an unique packaging which i absolutely love. They come in 12 variants for men and women, and I was sent 2 of them- EAU DE MEHFIL and ATTAR-E-NAZAKAT. These smell so good. They come in absolutely cute pocket friendly sizes of 20ml and cost INR 340 each.

Neesh perfumes have strong,medium and light fragrances,from where you can choose according to your preference. Personally i don’t like very strong fragrances and use medium or light ones. EAU DE MEHFIL and ATTAR-E-NAZAKAT have proved to be just the perfect ones for my daily use.

Why to buy Neesh perfumes according to the Brand:
•Neesh perfumes contain very high quality fragrances
•Neesh perfumes lasts upto 12 hours
•Each spray costs less than Rs. 1
•Neesh perfume pickpacks fits in every pocket.

EAU DE MEHFIL: What the Brand Claims
The essence of the scent is to enhance your occasion to the extreme and make your personality unforgettable. EAU DE MEHFIL has an intoxicating base and a powerful beloved top note.
Top note: Arabian Bakhoor
Middle note: Black rose Patchouly
Base note: Castoreum Agarwood.


ATTAR-E-NAZAKAT: What the Brand Claims
Enhance your first date experience with Neesh’s collection of ATTAR-E-NAZAKAT,a perfume that combines the right amount of grace and vitality. It sets the tone of elegance and modern sophistication. Make your date unforgettable with ATTAR-E-NAZAKAT,has an unmistakable graceful and dry honey and Arabian agar wood smell.
Top note: Arabian Agarwood,Dry honey
Middle note: Castoreum Patchouly
Base note: Dry Amber Musk

The packaging :
Neesh perfumes come in a cardboard box which is designed to give you that royal feel. I thought the designs have been inspired from Arabian Nights. Inside the box is the perfume which comes with a flat plastic dispenser. You can literally fit it in your pocket. As the perfumes come in plastic containers you can carry it around with you without having to worry about it spilling in your bag. I love carrying it in my bag.

Quantity and price: INR 340 for 20 ml

My views on the product :
Neesh perfumes has a lot of variety and it is different from what we generally use. I love how it lasts for such long hours. I had used it in the morning and the perfume was still there when I returned back home in the evening. I loved ATTAR-E-NAZAKAT. It smells very different and all my friends kept asking me where i got it from.It is that perfect fragrance which is a must have. And also it didn’t irritate my skin which is obviously a plus point because i have a very sensitive skin. And the absolutely cute packaging which fits into my pocket is a plus point too. I have actually kept one of it in my bag. Just 2 sprays of it lasted for a whole day which is amazing because other perfumes and deodorants do not last that long,unless you spray about 5-6 times.These are perfect gifting options too.

Where to Buy?
Neesh perfumes is available at Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and Ebay.
You can also get it from the Brand Website –

My ratings– 5/5

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