DIY Hair Conditioners

Hello people,

How are you all? I’m sorry I didn’t post anything for a long time. Work kept me busy. But i have some interesting posts lined up so stay tuned.

Coming to today’s post. How many times have you sighed looking at you hairs,wishing it to be as soft and silky as that girl that you hate?

Well,I have medium length hairs,or rather it’s long but not a s long as I want it to be. So taking care of them becomes really important. And it doesn’t matter if you have short or long hairs,taking care of them is obviously important. These DIY hair conditioners works so well that I have stopped buying conditioners from the market and use only these,unless I’m travelling. All you need to do is look into your kitchen.

Let’s get started.

  1. Honey and Yogurt Conditioner

Now the quantity depends upon the length of you hairs. for my hairs I use about 4tbsp yogurt and 2 tbsp honey. If you have shorter hairs you can use half the quantity that i used. This works so well and makes my hairs soft,really soft. And honey adds to it some much needed shine. And it nourishes them too.
I apply this about half an hour before washing my hairs. After half an hour,i wash my hairs with normal water and then use shampoo. The result is amazing.


2. Apple Cider Vinegar and water-

Apple Cider Vinegar has so many uses and benefits that I think I have to do a seperate post on that. I started using this about 2 years ago. All you need to do is mix is mix ACV in water. If you take 2part ACV then mix 4parts of water. I have never really used more of ACV than this quantity. But this really conditions your hair and makes them soft.
I use it after i rinse my hairs with shampoo. Then apply this and let it sit for about 5 minutes and then wash it off with normal water.



Do you people use any other DIY conditioner? And if you try the above DIY conditioners,let me know if they worked for you as well.

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28 thoughts on “DIY Hair Conditioners

  1. Amanda.Wolfe says:

    I need to try these out! Since it’s summer the sun really dries out my hair! I love to slather on my it’s a 10 conditioner and let it drench my hair with moisture for like an hour then rinse with cold water. Feels amazing after!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. pureoverparabens says:

    Awesome! I will have to try these out. I have really curly hair so this could help maintain it.
    I really enjoy your blog, as I believe it is very important to encourage DIY cosmetics rather than store bought products that are filled with ingredients that sound like they are from another planet! Before I was introduced to DIY products i used many store bought products that felt like they were working only for a few days. I realised that so many of these products had a facade and misleading wording that suggested they were “natural” when really they had very little concentrates of organic ingredients.

    That’s why I started a campaign to take action and encourage more people to start creating simple DIY cosmetic products. Most people are aware of how bad the chemicals are in many store products but do not know simple substitutes for this. That’s why I love your blog, it’s accessible, and everyone can achieve these DIY examples. If you want to check out my campaign you can find me on Pure Over Parabens fb, twitter (following link) as well as Instagram and our wordpress. It would be great to connect and share DIY thoughts and tips with you!

    Thanks! JP x


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