FLAWED : Book Review

Hello peeps,

How are you all? It’s been raining here since the morning and I’m sitting here on my bed with a cup of coffee,writing a review on this brilliant book FLAWED by Cecelia Ahern which i won in a giveaway byΒ The Sweet Review. You guys should check out her blog. Also Thank you so much for the book. I loved it.


The book shows the life of a teenage girl,Celestine who lives an absolute “PERFECT” life. She has the perfect family, friends and she’s dating the most charming boy, Art Crevans.

But she lives in a society where if someone commits a mistake,they are branded ‘FLAWED’. They are not put into jail but are forced to live a life which is worse than living in a jail. But then Celestine faces a situation where she takes a decision.She breaks the rules made by the GUILD. And now she faces life changing repercussions. She could be branded “FLAWED”.

Celestine has to make a choice. To lie to save herself or to speak the truth and be branded Flawed. And as the book cover says: One choice could cost her everything.

The girl’s courage to take such a hard decision and facing that situation is remarkable. All in all it’s a wonderful novel. In fact I’m waiting for the next part “PERFECT” which is coming on 30.03.2017.

Also this is the first time I’m doing a book review on my blog so forgive me for any mistakes and feel free to correct me πŸ™‚

Also,I loved the book cover.



The back cover


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