How To Stay Motivated

Hello people,
Hope you all are doing great!
Firstly, i would like to thank all of you who showed so much love for my blog. I just crossed 20 followers. I know it’s  a very small number,but it means a lot to me. Love you all😘
Today’s post is on tips to stay motivated which i am following myself and it has helped me a great deal.
1. Remind yourself of your goal-
Now this is something which you need to do from time to time.For example,you want to finish a book. Click a picture of the book and set it as your wallpaper.

2. Keep a track of your progress
Keeping a track of the progress that you have made towards achieving your goal helps a lot. For example, you want to complete a book,so each time you finish certain number of chapters,write it down.This way you will know how much is left.

3. Set a time limit
Set a limit in which you can achieve your goal. For example, you have to finish a book. Set the time limit, take it to be 2weeks. This way you will be motivated to complete your book within that time.

4. Reward yourself –
Rewarding yourself will boost your spirit in achieving the goal .For example,each time you finish a number of chapters of your book,take a short break,reward yourself with something that you love. Maybe a movie night.

5. Don’t loose hope-
Now, this has happened to me a lot of times,when i set a goal and then can’t achieve it within the set time limit. It happens to everyone.Stay calm and start all over again.Do not loose hope. Winning and losing is all part of the game. You can’t win all the time  you play a game.

6. Learn from mistakes –
Everybody makes mistakes,but it’s a great thing to learn from those mistakes. Do not take your not being able to achieve something in a negative way. Instead try and rectify your mistakes.

So these were some tips which i follow. Hope this helps you too. πŸ™‚


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