Life Hacks

Hello people,
How are you all?
Today’s post is a life hacks one. Now there isn’t  a soul that i know who doesn’t  want to make their life simpler. So I have listed down a few life hacks all of which is tried and tested by me. Happy reading.

1. If you want to cool your beverage within a few minutes then,this one is for you. Wrap a paper towel around your beverage and put it in the freezer. It will almost be ice cold within 20 minutes.

2. Is it hard for you to recognise  which key is for your room? Well it’s hard for me too. Simply paint the keys with your nail paint. Problem solved 👍


3. When life gives you lemon, use it for good. Rub it on your underarms. I do this when i have to travel for long. Rub the lemon and then wash it after 15 minutes. It will keep the odour away and will make you feel fresh all day long.


4. Apply Vaseline on the area that you are going to apply perfume to. This makes the perfume last much longer.

5. Take a paper clip and stick it to end of the tape and you will never have to worry about losing the end of the tape ever.


P. S. – all pictures taken from google.

That’s all for today,till then


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