Home Remedies to Get Rid of Sun Tan

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Summers are back,and with a bang. And that means i can wear my short summer dresses 😍 . But the harsh rays of the sun cause sunburns which develop into dark patches. This is probably one of the most searched topics during summer and hence i decided to do this article.  Now few of my friends suggested me to do a summer skin care article  which I’m currently working on. Till then i decided to post this article. I wanted to write this under the summer skin care tips. But there were a lot of points and thus i decided to a do a separate post on this topic.
Coming back to the post, many people to get rid of the tan,go for bleaches or some other treatments which cause harm to the skin in the long run. Now really when you can get rid of the tan using home remedies which are absolutely safe for the skin,then why do you need all those chemicals which are doing more harm than any good?



1. Sandalwood powder, Gram flour and lemon face mask-
Sandalwood helps in removing impurities,and is very soothing. Lemon is a natural bleaching agent . Gram flour is very effective in cleansing the skin.
Mix 2tbsp of gram flour with 1tbsp of sandalwood powder and 1tsp of lemon. You could also add rosewater. Mix the ingredients well and then apply it on your face for 20 minutes. Then wash it off.


2. Cucumber,lemon and rosewater-
Cucumber and lemon are natural bleaching agents. Cucumber will soothe the skin because of its cooling properties.
Take 2tbsp of cucumber juice and mix in it about 1tbsp of rosewater and 1tsp of lemon juice apply it on your face and wash off after an hour.

3. Tomato juice, yogurt and lemon
All three are powerful natural  bleaching agents. Tomato works in removal of dark spots. Yogurt moisturises the skin.
In a bowl mix 2tbsp of yogurt,1tbsp of tomato juice and 1tsp lemon juice. After mixing all the ingredients well apply on your face and let it sit for 20 minutes then wash off.


4. Potato and lemon juice –
I didn’t know that this was so effective until i started using it myself. Now i apply this almost thrice a week. Mix 2tbsp of lemon juice and 1tsp of lemon juice. Apply on the effected areas and wash off after an hour or two. This is very effective in getting rid of dark circles too.


5. Oatmeal and honey scrub-
Oatmeal is a natural scrub which removes the dead skin cells and gives the skin a healthy glow. Honey is a moisturising agent which makes the skin soft and supple.
Mix 2tbsp of grounded oatmeal with a tbsp of honey. Apply on face and after 20 minutes,wet your hands and slowly start scrubbing your face and then wash off.


Random Tips
1. Rub an ice cube all over the effected areas 2 times  a day for soothing the irritated skin.
2. Clean your face with rosewater once a day. Read 7 Benefits of Rosewater for Skin
3. Apply unboiled milk 2 times a day. Wash it off after it dries.
4. Grind a few mint leaves and apply for a cooling effect.
5. Apply aloe vera on the effected areas. Read 10 Aloe Vera Beauty Hacks

What do you guys do,to get rid of sun tan?

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