7 Benefits of Rosewater for Skin

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Okay well today’s article is going to focus on the benefits of ROSEWATER(which i consider as the magic water;)) for skin. Well i suppose each one of us has a bottle of rosewater at home. There are many benefits of rosewater which many people don’t know.
Rosewater soothes and cools sensitive and irritated skin. It works great in cleansing oily skin and when mixed with glycerine works wonders for dry skin.
It gives a healthy glow to the face. It hydrates and revitalises the skin making it smooth and supple. It helps to heal scars,cuts and wounds. These are just the few things that rosewater does. Amazing right?


Let’s see how to use rosewater for your skin –

1. As a Toner-
Rosewater naturally helps to tone up the facial skin. It closes the open pores and adds a wonderful glow to your face.Pour some chilled rosewater on a cotton pad and slowly rub your face with it after cleansing your face.Moisturise your face after the toner has dried.


2. As a facial mist-
During the summer season when your skin needs instant relaxation from the heat,you could simply spray some rosewater on your face. I recommend carrying rosewater in a spray bottle in your purse. You could spray it on your face whenever you feel the need of it. It gives a nice refreshed look to the skin.


3. As a Makeup Setting Spray
You do not need to spend so much in buying expensive makeup setting sprays because rosewater does this job pretty well too. Spray some rosewater like you would normally spray the makeup setting spray and let it dry. It gives a nice dewy finish.

4. As a Makeup Remover
Rosewater not only works as a makeup setting spray but also works effectively in removing makeup. Mix some coconut oil and rosewater in a bowl and then wet the cotton pad with this solution and gently remove the makeup. It will leave the skin hydrated and moisturised.

5. For a Clear and Glowing Skin
Mix about 2-3 drops of lemon i about 1tbsp of rosewater and apply it on your face for a clear and glowing skin. Do this twice or thrice a week.


6. As an Aftershave
After shaving your hands and legs apply refrigerated rosewater to instantly have a soothing effect. Or you could mix rosewater with aloe vera gel and use it as an aftershave.
Read the amazing benefits of aloe vera HERE

7. Soothes Sunburn
Rosewater is known to soothe sunburn. Applying rosewater directly over the sunburn helps to heal the irritation. Or try mixing some crushed basil leaves (tulsi leaves) into rosewater and applying on the affected area. Basil leaves has antibacterial and healing properties and rosewater will soothe the skin.


Do you people know any other skin benefits of rosewater?

P. S. – all pictures taken from google.

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